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Window Saver Kits

Window Savers consist of sheets of Plexiglas (or other acrylic brand) held magnetically on the room side of your primary window to seal out drafts, stop condensation, build an insulating air space, and cut street noise. Comfort gains and energy savings are large. On a completed Window Saver, rubber strip magnets (your refrigerator door uses these) are mounted at the edges of the Plexiglas and cling to vinyl-covered steel strips surrounding the window. The steel can be mounted to the molding (the "picture frame" around the opening) or to cleats tacked inside your jambs (see diagram at right). 

Kits contain 100' coils of material (photo below) for building windows of any size. One kit will make seven average-sized (3'x4') windows. Kits do not include the acrylic sheet.  You buy that (usually in 1/8" thickness) cut to size from your local home center or plastics distributor. (See Plexiglas for guidance on measuring and buying acrylic sheet.)

Window Savers take less than 40 minutes to assemble, and can be changed in or out seasonally in mere seconds. All components are adapted for sun tolerance. All adhesives are pressure-sensitive and acrylic-based for strength and long life.

Assembly is simple once your mounting location is selected and your cut-to-size acrylic sheet is in hand. No mitered corners are used.


Choosing a Mounting Method

Window Savers mount to the casings or to cleats tacked inside the jamb.  See illustrations at right.

Wall or molding mounts are easier and usually not visible, because they hide behind your curtains.  However, not all casings have a flat or a broad crown in their profiles, and some casings have raised corner blocks.  In these situations a jamb mount is preferred.

Jamb mounts need 3/4" square pine sticks for “cleats.”  Tack them to the jamb around the window, 1" to 5" from the glass.  If a window sill intrudes, the bottom cleat (and its steel-and magnet) can be omitted, and a foam weatherstrip which cups the bottom edge of the Plexiglas, substituted.


Basic Installation Steps:

  1. Mount rubber magnetic strips around the Plexiglas at its edges using pressure sensitive adhesive. Mask them from the other side with trim tape.

  2. Prepare and mount four steel mounting strips around the window. Use the same trim tape and adhesive.

  3. Bring the Plexiglas, magnets first, to the steel and it will jump into place. To remove later, peel at a corner.


Special cases: Curved-edge windows, windows over 20 square feet, long horizontal windows, unwanted cleats at sills, and patio doors have special solutions. See the FAQ section or contact us.

Window Saver - DIY Magnetic Interior Storm Window Kit Contents

Contents of a Window Saver kit:

  • galvanized steel strip (100' roll)

  • magnets (two 50' rolls)

  • trim tape (one 200' roll, white or dark brown)

  • adhesive (two 100' rolls)

  • detailed assembly instructions

All items come coiled, and entire kit weighs over 15 lbs!

Two Mounting Options:
Window Saver - DIY Magnetic Interior Storm Window
Wall or Molding
Window Saver - DIY Magnetic Interior Storm Window
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