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Reviews and Comments by Window Saver Customers

“I couldn’t be happier with their design, or your fast response.” 

Len J. - New Bedford, MA

“Window Savers keep our house noticeably cooler in the summer.”

A.V. L. - Ft. Worth, TX


“Their ease of construction and their very low cost are the features I like best.”

Michael P. - Cortland, NY

“My Window Savers are everything you claimed they would be.  

Now that the windows are finished, I’m about to do the patio door.”

Michael R. - Sterling Heights, MI

“The condensation is gone, and the house is warmer and quieter.  
I have shown several friends your system."

Henry C. S. - Del City, OK


 “I’m 76 and my hands shake, so I worried about how well I’d do.  

But actually they were easy, and came out fine.”

J. M. L. - Minneapolis, MN


 “Our storm windows are just what the doctor ordered for our plants: no drafts."

Josephine M. - Arlington, MA


 “I like their simplicity and ease, and I like their adhesives.  They really stick.”

Dan B. - Belmont, MA


 “Our improved comfort is obvious, but our Window Savers are not.  

Visitors usually aren’t aware they’re there.  My son just ordered from you.”

J. C. - Birmingham, MI


 “Unless you look carefully, you don’t know they’re there.  

I’m amazed they can be so inconspicuous.”

Gary P. - Houston, TX

 “I thought Window Savers were going to be complicated, 

but they turned out to be simple and easy.  We feel a big difference.”

Marian T.- Covington, LA


 “Window Savers made such a big difference in our comfort, 

it’s clear they’re paying for themselves quickly.  I’m very pleased."

Charles A. - Rossville, TN


 “The cabin used to be chilly.  Now it’s comfortable,

and our gas bill is lower than ever.”

Milt B. - Torrance, CA


 “They’re more air tight than I expected. 

Far tighter than the ones I built for myself.”

Nick B. - Utica, NY


 “Finally, our 120 year old house is comfortable.  

We think Window Savers are wonderful!”

Ginny M. - Hudson, OH


 “Our coldest day this winter was 35 below,

and not one of our windows frosted up.”

Bill T. - Palmer, AK

 “These hold the heat in better than the film kits we’ve been using. 

They cost more, but they’re useable over and over, and they look much better.”

Charles S. - Wakefield, MA


 “We almost bought nine new windows, but built Window Savers instead, 

and saved more than $2000.”

Jon S. - Pittsburgh, PA

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