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how do window savers work?

window savers hold the plexiglas magnetically. they trap “dead air” between the plexiglas and the primary window, and in doing so, stop all drafts.  this air gap cuts in half the heat transmitted through the glass.  the magnetic seal around the edge stops all air leaks which can easily lose twice as much again.  the ideal air gap is between 1 and 5 inches.

a key requirement in mounting plexiglas is that it must be allowed to expand and contract.  acrylic moves more than most building materials, so magnetic mounts are ideal. they allow movement without breaking the seal.

how are interior storm windows better than exterior?

exterior storms are better than none at all, but they are flawed in concept.  they must be made with weep holes, to drain condensation to the outside. these holes are sources of drafts if the primary window also allows air to leak by. any primary window over 10 years old is almost certainly drafty.

exterior storm windows have other flaws.  first, they often detract from the external appearance of the building.  second, they sometimes reduce the windows effective size because their aluminum frames are wider than the primary windows frames.  third, since they are exposed to the weather, they age rapidly and their weather stripping wears out.  and, finally, exterior storms are more costly, at about $90 each compared to about $55 for an average size window saver.

interior storm windows prevent humid room air from reaching the cold primary window, which eliminates condensation.  weep holes are eliminated, so drafts are stopped.  the result is more stable temperatures and better insulation. greater comfort, less heat loss and real savings for you, guaranteed!

estimated energey savings and payback times

how durable are window savers?

theyre designed to last for years and years.  from the outset, our design policy has been: durability and performance first.  window saver kits are as durable as we can make them.  the chemical industry doesnt give guarantees so we cannot make lifetime claims about our adhesives or plastics, but we give a one-year guarantee anyway.  we use extra-heavy magnets, galvanized steel, exterior-grade trim tape and acrylic adhesives while avoiding their lower performance (and lower-cost) counterparts.

in spite of our “quality first” policy, window savers are still the best bargain in the storm window industry. the only way to achieve higher performance is to install triple-paned or rare-gas-filled glass in draft-free windows at much higher cost. the only way to achieve lower cost is to use one-season shrink-film kits, which are not pretty and are aggravating to use. (most of our customers have tried these.)

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